The session submission window for CriblCon 2024 is now closed. 


CriblCon is a great opportunity to share your knowledge and love of Cribl (and help recruit for your organization!) But we don’t just stop at CriblCon, presentations submitted here could make it to CriblCon, global user group meetings, local Cribl user groups, Cribl IRLs, industry presentations, webinars, Taylor Swift concerts, Goat association meetings and many more channels we haven’t thought about yet!

Ideas like the following would be good submissions:

  • Observability
    • Search to Find: Using Cribl Search
    • Building Better Pipelines
    • OTel-us MOAR!
    • Why Replay Should be a Part of Every Observability Pipeline
    • Enrich Your Pipeline, Not Your Destinations
    • Underutilized Functions and Features
    • Optimizing Analytics Tools
  • Security
    • Meeting Compliance Mandates (Now with Reduced Storage Costs!)
    • Optimizing for SIEM / Search Speed
    • Routing to Meet Your Business Goals: Evaluations, Migrations, Meeting Compliance Mandates
    • Search & Send: Leverage a multi-data lake strategy to enrich your threat intelligence
  • Modernization
    • Going from WTF to FTW: From an Unknown Server to Observable Insights
    • Powering Self-Service: Data Architecture and Role Based Access Control
    • Syslog: Doesn’t Have to Suck
  • Data Tiering Strategy
    • What’s the Best Home for Your Data?
    • Considerations for Tiering Your Data and the Supporting Architecture
    • Send Metrics, Store Logs

Looking to see what was presented last year, take a look at the full library from CriblCon 2023 here.

Don't have your idea fully worked through yet? No worries, sign up (or sign in for returning users) and let us know what you’re thinking. We’ll work with you to craft the story.